It is practically not enough to just own a website or continually run ads without measuring how such investments are affecting the returns and in what way one needs to tweak things for a better result. This is the job of using the right analytics tools. Digital analytics are meant to monitor all the activities on your website or app or any other platform and give you a regular update and gives you clearly what areas to focus more or less or to achieve better results.

A typical example is that an analytics tool can give you a metric data or a non-quantifiable data. Both of these kinds of data are highly useful in determining which areas the business owner will have to focus on. For instance, a non-quantifiable data is the type of devices that has been used mostly in visiting your website. If potential customers find it much easier to connect to your website through PCs, it may be an indication that maybe your website is not too mobile-friendly. You may need to work on this because buyers always prefer a service they can get on the go.

On the other hand, a great analytics tool should also be able to tell you at what time of the day potential buyers have visited your site most. The benefit of this data is that such are the uptimes you should focus on posting latest products or give special offers and discounts. Also, it might indicate that you should pay more attention to having a customer service representative to be online at such times and get a good result.

At Stangro, we understand your needs of a successful Website Analytics tool and we have worked on a few for you, that we believe may be of great help. Make a choice of the list and you can play closer touch with your site.