Gone are the days when logo design seems like finding a needle in a haystack. These are the days a logo maker can create a unique, fascinating logo with the right tools at his fingertips. For sure a lot of people still assume logo creation is a tricky task especially for beginners, but so is any new task. What makes a difference will likely be finding the right tools at one’s disposal, and the rest is up to the imaginative creativity of the logo creator.

Others, on the other hand, assume that a logo has to be complicated for it to make an inspiring sense. But this cannot be farther from the existing reality on the ground. Famous brands have mastered the skill of creating beauty from simplicity, for instance; the Facebook logo is merely a letter ‘F’ in a specific font, Nike got a tick, Twitter uses a bird, Apple has a bitten apple fruit. That is not to say it should also lack professionalism, ask those who tried to mimic these brands.

Therefore, some of the essential attributes of a correct logo must be a simplistic approach, an embedded work of professionalism and captivating outlook. All these put together is what we see whenever we think of these brands. Logos should also be customizable to retain uniqueness.

Perhaps some people also consider the cost of design, but majorly, the problem is a question of how. That is why we are here. In fact, in recent times, brands and logos can be made on a mobile phone. You also can create your unique brand that will reach those heights; it begins with having the right concept with the right tool. We provide you with the tool and other resources you need to make it happen.

You don’t have to embark on a trial-and-error journey on Google to find the right platform or tool. We have compared the very best means to design a logo for you and have come up with a selected few. Check our list of best platforms and their peculiarities below