Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are digital marketing tools that help search engines to rank, sort and produce relevant websites organically based on the keywords in search. For instance, when someone needs a salon nearby, he may simply type into google, “salon nearby” or “nearest salon” or “salon in Connecticut”. In all these cases, you will notice two major keywords, the salon which is the specific thing the prospective buyer of service needs and the location.

Therefore, when the search engine receives these queries or any similar searches, what it does is to search through its database for most relevant content and arrange them accordingly. This happens very fast and results may turn out in millions, arranged in several pages. Our own focus however is from the perspective of the website owner. Every business owner wants his website to show up in the first few ones or at worst on the first page.

This organic sorting based on the keyword relevance is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On the other hand, website owners can bid for ranking in the topmost searches as ads and this concept of paid ads to rank also by relevance is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). 

Due to the way the SEO marketing works, there are quite a number of tools and platforms who keeps a record of what are the most relevant words per time that people are searching for that are relevant to your business. If you can get these words and input them into your website and your adverts, it might be the first great step towards making better sales through that website. 

For the sake of the services we render at Stango, we help you lay your hands the best tools that can help you achieve this. These tools are not simply going to provide the keywords, they will give statistical details of each word, such as the number of people who searched for them, how many of such they converted and so on.